Blooming Fire an Eclectic Tangle of Symbiotic Talent

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         Blooming Fire is a Los Angeles based, brother and sister fronted five piece Alternative Indie Rock band who prides themselves on being leaders for justice, sustainability and a voice for change. They deliver an eclectic sound with rock guitar, funk slap bass, dubby electronic thwomps, cascading nature samples, hip-hop flows, bass heavy beats, and powerful lead vocals laced with harmonies which take you on an emotional & musical ride. Their sound will never be restricted to one genre but Blooming Fire’s defining sound is their own and takes you on a dream like ride which permeates through the psychedelic waves of life.

The group just successfully completed their first 20 show tour which covered 7 states in the United States including the Mesa Music Festival, the largest emerging artist festival in Arizona. The wind has blown Blooming Fire in many directions from consciousness-raising events like Burning Man and Lucidity Festival with Keller Williams, Haywyre, Groovesession and EOTO to indoor venues as well as backyard private house shows. They are making waves in Los Angeles, selling out the Teregram Ballroom and playing shows like Hollywood’s House of Blues just a couple months before the legendary venue closed its doors forever. In addition to being spotted playing multiple stage shows at Burning Man, drummer Robby Coe hand built bicycle wagons that carried around their gear, which included a 4000 watt generator to self power renegade shows around art sculptures. This included a live performance at the, Embrace Burn, which was the first Daytime burn to ever exist at Burning Man. They recorded their first EP in 2015; produced by Kraig Tyler (Crazy Town) and engineered by Brad Smith (Blind Melon). They’re new EP was featured on the online blog, Music is King and Sensible Reason. They have also been interviewed on K-Beach Radio 88.1 Long Beach and K-Day Radio 93.5 Los Angeles on Amanda Wrights show Do The Right Thing.  They performed live at the red carpet fundraising event 'Live Again Project,' which tells the stories of  people and families suffering from cancer. They've also received official recognition by Major Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles for their 'Centipede EP' and for efforts with the multiple Venice Beach Clean Ups they host through Heal The Bay..

The band utilizes distinct electronic keys intertwined with bouts of saxophone, giving an ever-swinging movement between contemporary new age and the old school jazz-rock fusion. Dunia flows naturally, raw yet controlled without sounding robotic or over-produced, which seems common in today’s musical landscape.
— Music is King
Given the glut of overproduced female vocals filling the airwaves and punctuating DJ sets, it’s a welcome return to Earth to hear Sierra Madre’s powerful, controlled, yet raw vocals. What’s more, this family has a message to share...My new favorite festival band, Blooming eclectic tangle of symbiotic talent. The party has just begun
— sensible reason

Official 'Centipede' Music Video

Live Performance of the song 'Dunia' at SoCal Psycheout

Unplugged style of the song Bless My Heart

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Press, Booking and Liscensing Contact:

c: 440.812.1859